Cleveland Police complies with European Legislation, therefore all tenders over the European Threshold of £172,514 will be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

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Contract Description        



Closing Date           

 CPC-0001531  Victim Referral Services  Advert  Tender  23/11/15
 CPC-0001536  Counselling Therapies  Advert  Quotes  19/10/15
 CPC-0001537  Force Medical Advisor  Advert  Tender  16/10/15
 CPC-0001502  Clinical Psychology  Advert  Tender  24/04/15
 CPC-00001468  Supply, Support and Maintenance of Ear Defenders  Advert  Tender  21/11/14
 CPC-0001455  Planned and Re-active Maintenance Services for Force Security Systems  Advert  Tender  17/10/14
 CPC-0001457  Government Protective Marking Scheme Software  Advert  Tender  19/06/14
 CPC-0001448  Recruitment of Professional Services  Advert  Further Competition on Crown Commercial Services RM692  18/06/14



 Travel and Accomodation


 Further Competiton on Crown Commercial Services RM1034



 Vetrinary Services





 Audit Services


 Further Competition on GPS



 Community Messaging System





 Vehicle Electrical Services





 Professional Services





 Hospitality and operational Feeding















 Vehicle Repairs and





 Boarding and Glazing





 Construction of a new Police HQ





 Vehicle Data Recorders





 Communications Mast Maintenance and Remedial Work




 CPC-0001368  Vehicle Conversion  QTLE-99AJTD  Further Competition  31/07/13
 CPC-0001358  Force Medical Advisor  QTLE-97KDKL  Tender  24/05/13
 CPC-0001366  Removal and Relocation of Furtniture and Equipment  QTLE-993ELC  Tender  19/07/13
 CPC-0001342  Service Contract for BMS Control Schemes  QTLE-93EFQE  Tender


 CPC-0001343  Media Communications and Public Affairs  QTLE-932J66  Tender  15/02/13
 CPC-00001344  Motorbike Maintenance  QTLE-93XHX2  Quotes  15/02/13

In addition Cleveland Police advertise all tender opportunities via the Blue Light ProContract eTendering System. This system is a complete Internet based solution. It provides Cleveland Police & Suppliers with a secure, cost effective and easy-to-use eTendering solution for the advertisement of new tender opportunities. The system also enables the exchange of quotation and tender information to take place between Cleveland Police and interested suppliers on-line, ensuring a consistent, open and non-discriminatory tender process, which is more efficient and easier to manage for all.

All that is required of suppliers to use the system is a computer with a valid email address and Internet access. Once you are Internet ready, there are NO further costs associated with the system, NO registration fee, NO subscription charges and NO software to purchase. To participate in quotation and tender procedures with the Cleveland Police or any other member authority, you must register your company on the Bluelight ProContract eTendering System.

Go to http://www.bluelight.gov.uk and click the ‘Register Company” link on the left hand side under the Supplier Menu. Then complete your personal contact details, fill in the organisation details, and add yourselves to one or more product and service categories and member organisation, in order to be notified via email when new opportunities are advertised. Following approval of your registration you will be sent 2 emails confirming your user name and password, please treat these securely (if you forget either, there are forgotten user name and password options under the Supplier Menu on the portal homepage.)

If you wish to express an interest in a new tender opportunity, and obtain further information, go to www.bluelight.gov.uk, then select New Opportunities from the Supplier menu, and enter your search criteria. Once the required opportunity is located, click on the Tender Title and select the Login and Register Interest button, then enter your username and password. You will receive email confirmation of your expression of interest.

If you are not already registered on the system, you will need to do so.

If you receive an email inviting you to submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ), Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) or Invitation to Tender  (ITT), follow the link in the email or go to http://www.bluelight.gov.uk, select Supplier Login and enter your user name and password. This will take you to the My Opportunities area. To view the opportunity information click on the Contract ID. Ensure you download ALL the documents to your PC hard drive to fill in off-line, by right clicking on a document and selecting ‘Save target (or link) as...' from the list of options, repeating the process for each document. Once the documents are all saved to your PC you can then complete the required sections. Ensure that you read all the information to understand what is required of you, make sure you follow all instructions carefully and note any key actions and deadlines.

Should you be in any doubt as to the interpretation of any part of the documentation and require assistance or further clarification on what is required, you will need to go to http://www.bluelight.gov.uk, select Supplier login, enter your user name and password then open the relevant RFQ, PQQ or ITT and use the Question & Answer option to post your question to the Authority. You will be notified via email when the authority has published a response to any clarification questions which may have been submitted by you or other Tenderers, or when any additional information about the tender is distributed. You will need to log back on and refer to the Question & Answer option to access the information.

Completed documents should be submitted, along with any relevant supporting documentation electronically via the Bluelight e-Tendering site, http://www.bluelight.gov.uk, no later than the respond by date and time.To upload and submit your tender response, you need to go to http://www.bluelight.gov.uk, select Supplier login, enter your user name and password, and open the relevant tender, then select the Response Wizard button. Follow the wizard and browse and attach the completed response and ALL relevant supporting information. You must wait until a document is uploaded before browsing and attaching another. The process is very similar to attaching files to an email.

We recommend you do not leave your submission to the last minute, as depending on the size of the files you are uploading, the speed and capability of your Internet browser and also on the time of day and the volume of internet traffic in general, the uploading of files may take some time. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure ALL the relevant documents have been uploaded before clicking on the Submit option. You will receive e-mail confirmation once you have submitted a response. Please be aware this email is just confirmation a response has been submitted, not confirmation of what you have submitted. You can log back on at any time and check what attachments you have submitted by viewing your response, and edit, amend and resubmit your response, if required, up until the deadline for responses.

Please note: Your submission may not be considered for further evaluation, if it is received after the respond by date and time specified, it does not comply with the specification and contract terms, or all the information requested has not been uploaded and submitted on time.