Crime Maps

Street level crime mapping went live on Tuesday 1st February 2011

People across Cleveland are now able to view what crime and anti-social behaviour is happening on their street by visiting . This site provides street level crime data and maps for all police forces across England and Wales alongside key local policing information such as contact details and beat meetings. 

Each dot marks the approximate location where a crime or incidence of anti-social behaviour (ASB) has been reported to the police.  Incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour are mapped to an anonymous point on or near the street where it happened.  

The website provides data under the following headings:

  • burglary
  • robbery
  • vehicle crime
  • violence
  • other crime
  • anti-social behaviour

Using a simple post code search, members of the public can access an overview of crime in their neighbourhood and then zoom into street level crime.