Motorcycle Section

The Motorcycle Section are based at Cleveland and Durham’s Specialist Operations Unit at Wynyard Park.

As well as the day to day routine patrols the section has several areas of expertise and regularly conducts partnership operations with VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency), HM Customs and Excise in relation to rebated fuel (Red diesel) and Border Agency in relation to illegal immigrants.

One of the sections main areas of expertise is the carriage of dangerous goods, with in excess of 2000 movements of dangerous cargoes per week both into and out of Cleveland this keeps the section and our Hazchem (vehicles transporting hazardous substances) experts busy making sure the roads of Cleveland stay safe.

The section is the only facility within the force to provide escorts, and are frequently required to provide this service when members of the Royal family and other VIPs visit our county. The section also provides escort duties for visiting supporters for both Middlesbrough and Hartlepool football matches.

The force receives in excess of 5000 complaints a year in relation to the illegal use of off road motorcycles and quad bikes. The section regularly take part in operations in all four districts in order to combat this practice which impacts greatly on the quality of life of the residents who live on or close by the routes that the perpetrators of this activity use.