Towards 2020

Cleveland Police’s plan for the future is called ‘Towards 2020’. It focuses on making our communities safer and helping them to be stronger. The plan describes our approach to policing as:

  • Prevention – which means preventing harm wherever possible. It is always better to prevent something from happening than responding to it after the event.
  • Intervention. This means if we cannot prevent something from happening we need to intervene to stop it from escalating. We use an assessment of threat, risk and harm to determine the right thing to do.
  • Protection. We need to protect the most vulnerable in our communities and ensure they are safeguarded.

To deliver across these areas we are making changes to local policing and what we call enabling services, such as ICT and HR. We have already reviewed neighbourhood policing and have changed shift patterns to better match our teams to demand. We are also collaborating with neighbouring Forces to share specialist resources and working more closely with other partners.