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31st March 2013

On 31st March 2013 police received a report of theft from a shop in the Redcar and Cleveland area. Following an initial investigation a 13-year-old boy admitted to police in front of his parents that he had stolen pastries and beverages.

With approval from the store manager, the boy was given a number of tasks to complete in order to repair the harm. He had to write a letter of apology to staff at the store. He had said he wanted a career in the armed forces so was tasked under the supervision of his parents to provide in writing the rank structure of these forces, who the heads of each are, the Government department and the current minister. He was tasked to write 200 words on the consequences of being a thief. He was also tasked with writing a list of ten symptoms of drug, tobacco and alcohol use in young people and a clear understanding of the impact upon health now and in 30 years. The parents of the boy ensured that he stayed in to complete the tasks and also took away some of his electronic goods as a consequence of his actions.

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