What can we do in partnership - the police and other public services, businesses and residents - in tackling crime effectively? Everyone needs to play a part.

As a retailer, you can take some simple steps to reduce the risks of becoming a victim of crime:

  • Do a few things - don't rely on one solution
  • Involve everyone who works for you and use their experience
  • Remember partnership pays! You will be able to do more by working with others.

Advice guides can be downloaded here for further help and information.

Business Crime

Nationally, business crime costs the retail industry in excess of £12 billion per year.

Business crime is not a victimless crime – it impacts on us all.

Business crime falls into three main categories;

  • Property crime – theft (shoplifting / employee theft), fraud, robbery, making off without payment.
  • Violent crime – violence against shop staff, robbery, harassment
  • Anti-social behaviour – verbal abuse, intimidation, vandalism

Measures to protect your business are straightforward in the majority of cases. Simple, practical steps can prevent or deter crime – your local Crime Reduction Officer can offer free and impartial advice on the specific measures you can take for your business. Your local Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer can advise you on existing Business Watch schemes (or how to develop one), in your area.

Practical steps you can take include;

  • Installing quality CCTV and alarm systems
  • Develop and maintain robust cash handling procedures
  • Develop and maintain clear crime prevention policies and procedures – and ensure staff members are trained in their application
  • Keep computers and other valuables safe and secure
  • Design out crime

Further advice can be obtained from your area Chamber of Commerce or Business Link organisations.

Work Safe - Work Smart

  • What crime has there been?
  • Is there a Business watch scheme in your area?
  • Talk to other local businesses and organisations.
  • What are the targets and threats?
  • What would be the effect of crime against your business?

Store Design and Layout

  • Walk around the environment.
  • Is the area well maintained?
  • Are there vulnerable points?
  • Are access points secure?
  • Consider ram raiding and other crimes.
  • Check walls, doors, windows, roofs and fences.
  • Consider climbing risks, visibility and weak points.
  • Carefully consider the location of your tills / high value goods.

Physical Security

  • Put a security plan in place.
  • Strengthen doors and windows.
  • Use a good quality safe to protect valuable assets.
  • Remember - information is an asset.
  • Visibility - CCTV, lighting and mirrors.
  • Install an alarm and other deterrent devices.
  • Reduce the amount of cash held and bank it regularly.
  • Security of public and shared areas - is it robust enough?

Staff Awareness

  • Keep security and safety procedures up to date.
  • Make sure all staff are aware of procedures and their responsibilities.
  • Appropriate staff training.
  • Secure personal property.
  • Security for people working alone.
  • Is staff at risk?
  • Don't take personal risks.

Working Together

  • Join or form a local Business Watch scheme - contact your local Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer or see further details on the Neighbourhood watch link.
  • Local partnerships. Get to know your local community police officer or community support officer. They can offer advice or refer you to the Crime reduction officer for your area.

Keep Safe

  • If you find yourself in threatening or violent situations don’t take unnecessary risks. Protect yourself - your personal safety is paramount.

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