Internet Safety

Protecting yourself when browsing the web

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Guidance for parents and guardians

How to protect your children from the dangers the Internet can pose
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Guidance for young users

You may well pride yourself on being savvy and streetwise. But how web-wise are you?


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Shopping Online

Prevent becoming a victim of online fraud by following these simple steps.
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Keeping Safe Online

The internet is a great tool for education, entertainment and building relationships but it does come with risks. It is essential that young people understand those risks and identify for themselves, how to manage them.

It is important to use basic safety principles when surfing the net or chatting in a virtual world. There is a need for sensible precautions in order to protect children from harm.

For more information or guidance on how to stay safe online:

For reporting illegal content online, please click on the 'View More' link below:

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Internet Safety