On Loan-Repayment Fraud

The City of London Police has launched an investigation into an alleged loan-repayments fraud that may have affected thousands of people across the UK.

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The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (www.nfib.police.uk) referred the case after it received an increasing number of reports, through Action Fraud, from people concerned their personal details had been used to obtain cash loans from MCO Capital.

Detectives are requesting UK police forces contacted by people who have been notified of a loan taken out in their name that they did not apply for, to direct them to write to the Finnish-based company to register the fraud.
Affected people should address letters to:

Intrum Justitia Ltd of 5th Floor, The Plaza 100 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9QJ.

This will result in any enforcement action to reclaim the loan being halted whilst police enquiries continue.

In the letter people need to confirm their name and address and that they did not take out the loan.  No other information is required.