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    Pre-application Eligibility Questions

    This tool helps you to explore your suitability for the role of Police Constable and to make a reasonably informed decision about whether to do the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) and / or submit an application.


    Application process

    All prospective applicants have to complete a Home Office approved police application form. The application form is composed of five sections. These sections detailed below. They are:

    Section 1

    • Your personal details
    • The force you wish to apply to
    • Convictions and cautions (These will not automatically preclude you from appointment it will depend on their nature and circumstance. Failure to declare any caution or conviction will result in your application being terminated. You must declare any criminal investigation whether it has led to a prosecution or otherwise.)
    • Membership of British National Party (the police service has a policy of prohibiting officers or staff becoming members.)
    • Business Interests (You are not normally allowed to be employed by anyone else whilst serving as a police officer.)
    • About your family (Checks of your family will be made to see if they are involved in criminal activity. This should not deter you from submitting an application. Each case will be individually assessed by the Force.)

    Section 2

    • Present or most recent appointment / Previous employment
    • Previous Applications to a Police Force or service

    Section 3

    • Your Education
    • Qualification and Training
    • Your other activities

    Section 4

    Four competency based questions covering the following areas –

    • Community and Customer Focus
    • Respect for Race and Diversity
    • Team working
    • Problem-Solving
    • Effective Communication
    • Personal Responsibility
    • Resilience

    Five additional questions requiring written demonstration of your motivation to become a police officer.

    Section 5

    This is a declaration stating the information in the application is true & correct.

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