Other Agency Request


This section is for other police forces or agencies to make a request for support.

Downloadable Forms

Our policy regarding arrest requests complies with Code G of PACE and the Human Rights Act and must explain why the Officer in the Case (OIC) cannot do this. We also require all subjects to be circulated as Wanted on PNC before the arrest will be attempted.

Download Arrest Request Form

We will only consider requests that provide supporting rationale to avoid infringement of the Human Rights Act. All checks must be justifiable and proportionate.

Download Bail Check form

If a person is missing or there are concerns for their welfare then these MUST BE REPORTED VIA 101 or 999. We cannot enter premises unless authorised by statute or warrant.
We will only consider requests when there is a significant reason why the OIC cannot do this and any alternative methods are not possible. Rationale must be provided.

Interview Request form

We will decline registered keeper enquiry visits for abandoned vehicles in another force areas. We will also decline requests to speak to previous keepers to establish new ownership except where there are genuine concerns regarding welfare or the vehicle is believed to have been involved in a serious crime.

Download Registered Owner Checks form

We will only consider requests when it is required for court and there is a significant reason why the OIC cannot do this and alternative methods (e.g. telephone statements) are not possible. In such circumstances you must provide rationale.

Download Statement Requests form

This form should be used by Local Safeguarding Children Board partner agencies to share information with the Police regarding a person being vulnerable, exploited or missing and child sexual exploitation may be connected. This coule be occuring in a particular venue/location or involve particular vehicles.

Download CSE Information Report Form Here