Contact Us

This section provides information on the various ways to contact Cleveland Police depending on the urgency and type of request.


Dial 999 and ask for the Police

An emergency is where:

  • There is risk of injury
  • There is risk of serious damage to property
  • You suspect a crime is in progress
  • Someone suspected of a crime is nearby
  • There is a danger to life
  • Violence is being used or threatened
  • It is a serious incident which needs immediate police attendance


Call 101

A non-emergency is where:

  • There is NO immediate danger to life
  • The crime is NOT in progress
  • The offender is NOT nearby
  • Your car has been vandalised
  • Your phone has been stolen
  • Needed to speak to someone about a crime
  • Want to report someone dealing drugs in your neighbourhood
  • You have a general enquiry

Media Enquiries

The Cleveland Police press office is based within the Corporate Communications Unit at Force HQ under Head of Corporate Communications Will Green.

The press office handles media enquiries from journalists and freelancers working for recognised media outlets and is open Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, during office hours.

Office hours (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm) -

  • 01642 301244 (This is a service for journalists only and is not an enquiry line for the public)
  • [email protected]

At all other times – 

[email protected] (Email enquiries will be answered at the earliest opportunity during office hours)

Please note that the Cleveland Police Control Room does not reply to media enquiries as members of staff are engaged with directly helping the public via the 101 and 999 numbers. However, during major or critical incidents outside office hours, the Force will proactively engage with the media through an on-call press service.