Local Public Confidence Survey

In 2009 we launched a new ‘Local Public Confidence Survey’. The views and opinions expressed via this survey are being used to assist Cleveland Police and Cleveland Police Authority in their understanding of what can be done to enhance public confidence and successfully deliver future policing services to all neighbourhoods within the Cleveland area.

We believe that by listening to people's views through effective dialogue, the Force and Authority can make better informed decisions to help meet community expectations. We will therefore continue to use the Local Public Confidence Survey as a means of consulting with local communities throughout the coming year.

For more information about this survey and a summary of the most recent results, please view the About the Results section.

* Care should be taken in making comparisons in local indicators that have used different survey techniques. The survey is based on a quota sample of people in the local area. The use of a quota sample seeks to ensure the results are broadly representative of the local population. Quota samples may inadvertently introduce unknown sources of statistical bias.

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