Buses Damaged by Youths

Cleveland Police are appealing for information on two buses which were damaged by youths throwing stones at the windows in two separate incidents.

The first incident involved the number 64 bus, travelling through New Marske at 2.50pm on Tuesday 27th November. The bus was targeted by youths as it passed through Birkdale Road, near to the row of shops, leaving windows smashed.

The second incident happened on Wednesday 28th November at 4.40pm as the number 9 bus service to Overfields was attacked as it travelled along Ainstable Road in Ormesby. Youths threw stones again and smashed windows.

Acting Inspector Jen Milsom, of Eston Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “I cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to throw items at passing vehicles. The items may hit the driver or passengers in the buses, or could cause the bus driver to swerve into passing vehicles or pedestrians.

“Thankfully, on these occasions nobody was hurt, but that doesn’t detract from the danger this could have posed to those in the area. When we catch those involved in such mindless acts, they will be dealt with robustly.”

Anyone with information on any of these incidents should contact Acting Inspector Jen Milsom of Eston Police on 101 or call the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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