Changes to time for the Spring Crime Prevention ‘Pop up Shop’ in Stockton

The event is now being held between 1pm-3pm on Wednesday 25th May at Re-Discover, Stockton High Street.

Following on from a successful crime prevention ‘pop up shop’ at B&Q at the beginning of April, two more events have been arranged to raise awareness of crime prevention steps with additional advice on gardens and homes for the spring period.

The first event was held at Hartlepool Central Library on Thursday 12th May and the second event will be held at Re-Discover on Stockton High Street on Wednesday 25th May between 1pm and 3pm.

Stephen Davies from Cleveland Police’s Community and Partnership Team will be in attendance along with Police Community Support Officer’s to offer tips and advice and will be handing out crime prevention information and freebies such as alarmed padlocks and property marking pens.

Crime Prevention and Architectural Liaison Officer, Stephen Davies, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to come and get advice on how to prevent insecure burglaries and thefts from gardens and of bicycles.

“The last pop up shop was very successful and we are pleased that people are enthusiastic about attending them as it is really important for people to know about crime prevention and for us to raise awareness on how to prevent people from becoming victims.”

We look forward to seeing you there!