Crime Prevention Blog Introduction by Crime Prevention & Architectural Liaison Officer Gerry McBride

Hello! My name is Gerry McBride and I am a Crime Prevention & Architectural Liaison Officer at Cleveland Police .....


I work with my two crime prevention colleagues across the whole of the force area. I’ve worked for Cleveland Police, on and off for almost twenty years but returned this year and I’m delighted to be back!

Each month I will be writing a crime prevention blog and will publish this via Cleveland Connected, a service that provides you with information about crime local to your area, crime prevention information, and other useful advice. You can sign up to Cleveland Connected here: https://www.clevelandconnected.co.uk/  If you are not familiar with the term ‘blog’, as I wasn’t, it’s basically a series of articles, written in an informal and conversational style.

You’ll be familiar with the term ‘prevention is better than cure’, and it’s my job, as a crime prevention officer to provide advice that could help to protect you from crime.

Simple steps really can make a huge difference in helping to prevent you from becoming a victim. Almost a third of burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who use an unlocked door or window to get into your home, therefore our advice would be to ensure that you keep your doors and windows locked which would prevent those opportunist thieves from getting in. Get into the habit of locking your doors and windows and removing keys from sight, however, know where they are in case you need to get out in an emergency. With the warm weather now here, many of us will be opening windows for ventilation, working in the garden or enjoying a barbecue on a warm summer evening. If you can’t constantly see the door or window from where you are, then lock it just to be on the safe side!

Each month I will focus on a particular aspect of crime prevention.