October Crime Prevention Introduction

Next month, Gerry McBride, Crime Prevention & Architectural Liaison Officer for Cleveland Police, will be publishing a series of weekly top tips and advice for ...

... keeping your family, home and belongings safe this winter. These weekly tips, during the month of October, will coincide with National Home Security Month. October will also see the launch of our Light Against Crime Initiative in time for the clocks going back.

Gerry will highlight a different element of home security each week, with the first week introducing simple tips and advice to help keep your home safe, exploring traditional security solutions for protecting the entry points to your home and any valuables within it.

For the second week he will introduce you to the ‘onion skin principle’, a method of looking at your property through the eyes of an offender, in layers, and provide a list of security measures that you can implement at each layer around your home, starting at the perimeter. Onions have never been so interesting!

During the third week, Gerry will be talking about distraction burglaries, whereby offenders often prey on elderly and vulnerable people. These criminals invent a story or impersonate an official in order to get into your home to steal.

Week four raises awareness surrounding the darker nights to coincide with the clocks going back, encouraging you to make sure that the exterior of your home and any outbuildings are fully protected.

Look out for the first blog which will be posted next Friday, October 7th 2016.