Christmas is coming! Again! Surely it hasn’t been 12 months since the last one?

December Crime Prevention Blog - 12 Crime Prevention Tips! By Crime Prevention & Architectural Liaison Officer Gerry McBride


For my December blog I’m providing you with the twelve crime prevention tips for Christmas. Our local thieves and burglars will be putting their Christmas lists together too, so don’t make it easy for them to get their Christmas shopping done at your expense!

Follow my twelve Christmas tips to help keep you safe over the festive period…

1. When parking your vehicle, consider using a car park with the Safer Parking Award, signified by a blue tick symbol. When returning to your car - be aware of your surroundings and anyone who may be hanging around. Don’t put shopping in your car then resume shopping, someone might be watching and they might target your vehicle.

2. Remember to remove all valuables from your car, including from the glove box. Remove coats from back seats as a thief doesn’t know whether there is anything under a coat or in the pockets, and may break the window to find out.

3. Keep your handbag or wallet with you at all times. Wallets should not be on show from a back pocket.

4. Don’t carry large amounts of cash – use cards, Android and Apple Pay to make your purchases when you can. Use cash machines in daylight or before you go out (not late at night). When using cards – cover your PIN number and don’t tell anyone your PIN number.

5. Don’t use social media to tell everyone your Christmas plans.

6. If, like me, you’re likely to socialise at pubs or parties, travel with someone else and use a designated driver or registered taxis. Remember to stay together and keep a close eye on your drinks – be aware of drink spiking or drinking beyond your limit.

7. Mark your property. That goes for items outside your home too, including lawnmowers and garden furniture etc. Register your presents, bikes and other items using the www.immobilise.com website. Immobilise helps police identify the owners of recovered property - it’s free to use too!

8. Keep presents out of sight. Large piles of gift wrapped goodies under the tree that are visible through a door or window are tempting to thieves.

9. If you have a house alarm, get into the habit of setting it, even at night. Use plug in timers to make your home look like you’re in, even when you’re not.

10. Test your smoke alarms.

11. Keep to main roads, well lit and busy areas.

12. If you’re going on holiday over the festive period, ask a friend, relative or neighbour to keep an eye on your house and don’t post that you’re on holiday on social media!

Keep safe and stay crime free! I suspect I will be doing my Christmas shopping at 2pm on Christmas Eve, like I do every year! Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe, Happy New Year!