16/01/2017 Redcar and Cleveland

Crime Prevention Invitation

Peddlers Cycle Shop, 16 York Road in Redcar/ Thursday 19th January 2017 Between 12pm – 2pm

An important tool in the fight against theft and burglary is available to mark property at Peddlers Cycle Shop on York Road in Redcar between 12pm and 2pm this Thursday, 19th January.

Cleveland Police Crime Prevention Team is inviting people to attend the shop to have their bikes and other property marked by the ‘dot peen’ machine and to get important crime prevention advice.

The marked property can then easily be traced back to its owner if stolen in a burglary. Items such as tools, bikes, laptops and mobile phones can all be stamped.

Gerry McBride, Crime Prevention and Architectural Liaison Officer at Cleveland Police, said “Each year, we recover stolen property from the hands of criminals, but all too often there is no way of identifying who it belongs to.

“Being able to trace the owner of the property not only helps us to return it, but it can also provide evidence to secure a conviction.

“Dot peen marking involves using a fine tungsten pin to mark an item, with a permanent identity, using a postcode and house number.

“Whilst other methods of property marking, such as UV marker pens and DNA type forensic products can be effective in reuniting property with its rightful owners, the visual deterrent of permanent marking could be enough to deter a thief.

“Dot peen marking is suitable for everything from bikes and garden tools to games consoles and computers.

“Once your property has been marked by the ‘dot peen’ machine, we will encourage you to register your valuables via the Immobilise website, which can aid us to identify items that might be recovered."

For more information on the ‘dot peen’ machine, click here and we look forward to seeing you there!