Theft From Vehicles By Crime Prevention & Architectural Liaison Officer Gerry McBride


1 For my March blog I want to highlight the issue of ‘theft from vehicles’, and offer some advice, to hopefully prevent you from becoming a victim. In fact I changed my blog at the last minute due to a concern around the numbers of these thefts!

In the first two months of 2017 we have recorded 392 offences of theft from motor vehicle, 236 of these were when the vehicle was entered via insecure or unknown means i.e. there was no evidence of forced entry. That’s a huge issue! 70% of offences where property was taken from inside a vehicle involved no use of force, when the car was likely left insecure, or unlocked.

Check that your car is locked, and then check it again!

The central locking mechanism generally clunks into action, and most cars make a bleeping sound/indicators flash. You can most definitely hear the central locking activating in most modern cars, so stay close by and listen as you press the fob to lock your car. Check those visual and audible cues that you’ve locked your car.

Your car is basically a large glass display case on wheels, an object of desire for the thief. Cars are harder to steal these days, you generally need the key to steal one, which will be the basis of a future blog, but your car is as much a target for thieves as it ever was.

Remove valuables from your car

When checking through the vehicle crimes reported to us. Medication, satnav laptops, iPads, mobile phones, wallets/purses containing cash and cards, vehicle documents, even spare car keys all feature.
Get into the habit of checking around your vehicle before you leave it, to ensure that you haven’t left anything on display.

And finally, to recap!

• Never leave valuables, medication, car documents or spare keys inside the car.
• Park in busy or well-lit car parks near CCTV cameras.
• If you have a garage, use it.
• Don’t leave the car unattended when waiting for it to defrost.

At home, don’t keep keys in a place where they can be seen or accessed from outside!