Officers Commended For Saving Life of Woman


1 In November 2016, PC Carl Miller and PC Daniel Smythe responded to a report that a distressed and vulnerable 19-year-old woman was on her way to Newport Bridge in Middlesbrough. 

On arrival at the scene, both officers observed the woman 100 metres away heading towards the river.

The water was cold and fast moving. PC Smythe used excellent tactical communication to successfully distract the distressed woman, whilst PC Miller managed to jump over the barrier and pull her to safety.

Still using excellent communications skills, both the officers were able to remove the woman from the river bank to a place of safety, where she was able to access the necessary support through partner agencies. 

Without the officer’s quick thinking tactical communication and physical intervention, which potentially put them in danger, this incident could have easily ended in tragedy.

 In recognition of their selfless actions Carl and Daniel were awarded a Chief Officers Commendation.