Officers Awarded After Protecting Public From a Man Armed With a Knife

Two officers have been awarded a Chief Officer’s Commendation after their heroic efforts to stop a man armed with a knife in Stockton.

1 PC Munsif Khan and PC Steven Ridsdale were called to a report of a man with a knife who had been caught by local residents allegedly committing a house burglary.

On arrival at the scene PC Khan and PC Ridsdale were met by a man behaving aggressively towards members of the public in the street and he was threatening them with a 10 inch hunting knife.

Some of the members of the public were trying to confront the suspect, however, he was edging forwards towards them whilst shouting and making a stabbing motion with the knife.

PC Khan showed no fear and approached the man and sprayed him with incapacitant spray. This took immediate effect and the man dropped to the floor and let go of the knife.  Both officers then got hold of the man and handcuffed him, which prevented any injuries to the public.

This incident demonstrated bravery and quick thinking by the two officers who, without regard for their own safety, intervened and took decisive action.

The 39-year-old man who was arrested was charged with affray, criminal damage to a property, and being in the possession of an offensive weapon appeared at Teesside Crown Court on Tuesday 16th May, where he was given a suspended sentence for the incident which took place on 15th December.

PC Ridsdale was on his first day of independent patrol as a police constable at the time of the incident.

In recognition of their accountability, professionalism and teamwork, Munsif and Steven were awarded a Chief Officer’s Commendation at a recent awards ceremony in front of their family and colleagues.