06/06/2017 Middlesbrough

Agencies Host Fun Filled Day to Bring Together Local Hemlington Community

A partnership event aimed at bringing together the local community and adding to the Hemlington area has been held.


The event ran from Tuesday 30th May to Thursday 1st June with police, Cleveland Fire Brigade, Linx (a youth outreach group), McDonalds, Thirteen Group, Middlesbrough Council, Habinteg (a housing association) and probation and reparation teams working together alongside the local community.

The organisations worked together to arrange a BBQ and they baked cakes, offered a mocktail/ smoothie making session as well as participating in community litter picks, encouraging garden improvements, removing graffiti from walls, raising awareness about eating healthy and offering advice on property marking and road safety.

Cleveland Police mascot, Bobby the Bear, also attended the event and face painting was offered for those who wanted to be involved whilst being colourfully painted.

Sergeant Lisa Stephenson, from Coulby Newham Neighbourhood Policing Team, assisted in organising the event. She said: “The event was really successful and it had a huge impact in Hemlington. You can see that a real difference has been made to the area.

“The best part about the event was the community spirit as everyone, including partner agencies, couldn’t have been more on board and everyone pulled together and helped to make sure that it was a successful day for the benefit of the local community.”