Police Identify More Speeding Drivers Next to Family Park

Police have carried out a further operation to identify speeding drivers on a road next to a family park.

In the space of one hour on Thursday 26th October, police caught drivers speeding in excess of 60mph on Park Vale Road, next to Albert Park. The 30mph limit road is used by families to access the park.

48 speeding offences were detected during the one hour operation, which follows a previous operation in August on the same road whereby 53 drivers were speeding. The highest speed clocked was 63mph.

The checks were carried out as a result of a traffic survey by the local authority, which showed that 85% of vehicles using the road during the survey were travelling at 38mph or less, with almost 200 vehicles in any 24 hour period travelling in excess of 45mph.

All of the speeding drivers are now likely to receive a large fine, points on their licence and potentially a driving disqualification in court.

Acting Inspector Harry Simpson, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “It is beyond belief that we are still finding drivers who are reaching more than double the speed limit on a 30mph road, particularly next to a park used by families where children are playing and could suddenly run out into the road.

“These irresponsible individuals are not thinking about the hazards that could potentially be put in front of them. Those drivers need to think about the consequences of their actions, it’s not just a fine and points; if someone is hurt or killed it could mean them going to prison for a long time. We spoke to a number of those drivers to try to educate them about this.

“Let this be a warning to those who speed and put themselves and other innocent road users at risk – it won’t be tolerated and they will be punished.”