Update - Protest at Tees Dock Road

This morning’s protest caused lengthy tailbacks and disruption for many motorists for a number of reasons including limited notification of the protest, the large number of protestors and the duration of the protest.

Police are given limited, if any, forewarning by the protestors of their plans to hold industrial action or any detail around the number people attending or the duration of the protest, which makes resourcing and planning difficult.

However, there is an indication that a protest may be held in the same area tomorrow morning (Friday 23rd February).  Police have a duty to facilitate a peaceful protest, and will be liaising with the protestors at the scene to alleviate as far as possible any disruption or delay.

Officers aim to maintain the safety of the public and those engaged in the protest, those going about their daily business, the local traffic network and the wider community of Redcar and Cleveland.

Police would ask motorists to use alternative routes where possible unless heading directly to Tees Dock Road and avoid the area to assist them in managing the traffic flow and minimising disruption.