Force Publishes Equality and Diversity Report 2017

Message from Chief Constable Mike Veale …

1 As newly appointed Chief Constable of Cleveland Police I am proud to recognise the progress and great work undertaken by all colleagues involved in the Everyone Matters programme.

As your new Chief you would not expect me to be complacent about this great progress. I believe that Cleveland Police have people who are talented, committed and high quality public servants who can take this Force to the next level. There is much more work to be done with many challenges ahead but I am sure we will be able to create an organisation where people can flourish.

Cleveland Police will be an organisation built on strong values and behaviour where diversity is valued and respected. Through our values we will create an organisation where we have greater trust and confidence and a Force where we all have a greater pride in what Cleveland Police stand for. We must ensure that everyone in the organisation has a voice where people are listened to and colleagues are more responsive to what has been said. I am committed to creating an organisation where people are recognised for who they are and what they can contribute.

People are the most important element of any organisation and if we can inspire colleagues to create a workplace culture which is inclusive, diverse and fair we will be able to create an organisation that is more efficient and productive, optimistic and motivated. This approach will create a vibrant and positive organisational culture which will enable us to deliver the best possible service to the people of Cleveland and keep our communities safe.

To achieve this position we have set challenging equality objectives. As an organisation we must attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce and we need to identify and remove barriers to career progression. We also need to ensure that our People Management practices are implemented effectively and fairly underpinned by the best possible services to our staff such as wellbeing and family practices.

I am also passionate and committed to the delivery of a high quality service to our communities which is accessible, respectful, culturally sensitive and effective. We must build open and honest conversations with our communities to understand service inequalities and public perceptions. We know this will lead to increased trust and shared problem solving.

A significant amount of work has been undertaken to tackle crimes that affect minority communities disproportionately and in turn damage lives and community cohesion. We therefore remain committed to tackling issues such Hate Crime, violence against women and child abuse.

There remains a significant amount of work to be done and our Everyone Matters Strategy sets out our commitment and plans around areas of key improvement which are set out in report which can be found here.