Crime Prevention ‘Pop-up Shops’ to Prevent Burglaries

Cleveland Police’s Crime Prevention Team is launching their annual ‘Shut It, Lock It’ burglary campaign on Tuesday 1st May which will be running until 30th June.

The campaign is to offer people crime prevention advice to prevent them from becoming a victim of burglary. Did you know that 1 in 3 burglaries are through an insecure door or window?

To tie in with the campaign, the Crime Prevention Team are inviting members of the public to attend two pop-up shops where the team will be there to discuss burglaries and to answer any crime prevention questions you may have.

Pop-up shop one: Tuesday 1st May from 10am-12pm at Middlesbrough Bus Station
Pop-up shop two: Friday 18th May from 10am-12pm at Asda in Skelton

We look forward to seeing everyone there!