July Crime Prevention Blog

For my July Crime Prevention Blog I’m going to cover the subject of motorcycle security. Motorcycles are easily stolen, often in seconds; therefore, we need to do all that we can to ensure that they are as difficult to steal as possible.

In the Cleveland Police area there were 312 offences of motorcycle theft during the last twelve months, that’s six every week!
Here are my top ten motorcycle theft prevention tips:

• Apply your steering lock! Whilst steering locks can be easily overcome, it’s another layer of security. Never simply rely on this method to secure your bike!
• Mark it, covertly and overtly. There are a number of commercial products that can be used to mark the various parts of your bike. This can help aid identification if a bike or its parts are recovered.
• When you are not using your motorcycle, put it in a garage or a secure outbuilding and fasten with Sold Secure Gold or Diamond chains to ground anchors to secure it inside the building. If you can, fit a good lock and an alarm system to your garage or outbuilding too. Don’t advertise by leaving your garage open, and make sure your vehicle is covered up, even when you are at home.
• If you can’t put your bike into a garage or shed, fit a ground anchor outside of your property and secure with Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold or Diamond Chains. Choose an anchor which is Motorcycle Sold Secure Gold rated.
• Alarms – There are many different types of alarms available.
o Disc lock alarm – to fasten to your bikes disc brakes
o Paging/proximity alarm - sends an alert to a pager if the alarm is triggered, and/or gives a warning when someone is close to the vehicle.
o Talking alarm - emits a spoken warning if your vehicle is touched and then sounds an alarm.
o Tracking device – can identify the location of the vehicle to locate and aid recovery
• Cover your bike – use a cover to make your bike less visible to thieves.
• Engine cut-off switch - Fit this switch after you have bought your vehicle so a potential thief doesn’t know where it is located.
• Whenever possible, avoid leaving your helmet or other accessories on your motorbike or scooter or in a luggage space on panniers.
• Away from home – don’t let your guard down. Think about the area that you park in. Is there something to fasten my bike to, lots of passing surveillance and CCTV cover?
• Use a parking space built specially for motorbikes or scooters. They will have stands or security loops. Look for one that has achieved the police approved safer parking award ‘Park Mark’. Find out more at: www.parkmark.co.uk

The more security ‘layers’ that you put in place, the more likely the thief is to move on.

If you would like further advice on securing your motorcycle give the Crime Prevention Team a call on 101.

You may also want to consider joining Cleveland Connected, to receive advice and information about crime in your area: www.clevelandconnected.co.uk. Anyone with information about crime, can contact Cleveland Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.