August Crime Prevention Blog

End of Summer Holidays by Crime Prevention & Architectural Liaison Officer Gerry McBride

1 The summer holidays have been in full swing and no doubt the kids are enjoying their break and we, as parents, are likely being driven up the wall, and looking forward to quieter times when the children are back at school! 

When the kids aren’t glued to their technology, they are in and out of the house, leaving their bikes lying around, and the doors into your home insecure. I speak from experience! Thieves will take advantage of these opportunities to steal anything that they can from you. 

Now the summer holidays are coming to a close, it is important to remain extra vigilant. Take these simple steps to prevent you and your family from becoming victims of crime.

• If you can trust the kids with a key, that’s great. If not, get them to knock or call you when they need to get in.
• Get into the habit of locking your doors and windows, as soon as you get in or are outside. Don’t leave keys in the door, or by the door keep them out of sight in a safe place.
• Secure windows. When you’re at home, consider installing window opening limiters (they only allow the window to be opened around four inches) if not already fitted, to allow ventilation on those rare warmer British summer days.
• Many burglar alarms have a ‘chime’ feature. If there is a contact on your front door, this can generally be programmed to make a sound when the door is opened, however, don’t rely on this method alone, because you may not always hear the sound it makes.
• Car keys are often stolen via insecure doors or windows or even ‘fished’ through the letterbox. Keep car keys away from front doors, you wouldn’t leave thousands of pounds lying around, so protect your car keys!
• Don’t make it easy for the thief. Keep an eye on your bikes, if you can’t see them, make sure they are secured. Consider a product which is marked as ‘Sold Secure’ (www.soldsecure.com for details) Register your bikes for free via the www.bikeregister.com
• Sign up to www.clevelandconnected.co.uk to get updates and information on crime in your local area.
Taking sensible precautions is really just common sense, we just need to embed that and make it common practice!

If you would like advice, give us a call. Contact 101 and ask to speak to a member of the crime prevention team.

If you have any information about a crime contact the Cleveland Police on 101 or CrimeStoppers on 0800 555111.