Chief Constable ‘outraged’ by funding settlement

Cleveland Police Chief Constable Mike Veale has responded to the announcement today (13.12.18) of the police funding settlement.

He said: “Whatever spin is put on today’s announcement; I am outraged that once again my ability to provide appropriate policing resources has been significantly hampered.

“There is a grave issue with the police funding formula that disadvantages our communities hardest. This has been demonstrated again in the settlement today which shows millions more going to parts of the country, particularly in the south, with significantly lower levels of crime and deprivation than Cleveland.

“My colleagues at the Police Federation have described the announcement as putting a ‘sticking plaster over a broken bone’ and I completely agree. The funding formula is broken and soon even the plaster will not be adequate to hold together the shattered financial position of British policing.

“I hope that those with influence across the country will join me in calling for urgent action around the funding formula. This cannot go on.”