Crime Prevention Advice to Help Prevent Shed Burglaries

The Crime Prevention team are warning people to be vigilant after a spate of shed burglaries occurred in the Hemlington area last weekend.


Below are some useful tips and advice to keep your property and outbuildings safe and secure:

·         Keep sheds and garages locked at all times, even when you’re at home. Consider investing in good quality locks for external doors. Also, use bolts with nuts on the inside of sheds – screws can easily be removed by thieves.

·         Fit strong metal grills to shed windows and secure them from the inside.

·         Limit the amount of time you have your shed and/or garage doors are open as this advertises the belongings that you keep inside.

·         Secure your items such as ladders, lawn mowers and cycles down with secure chains or wire ropes, fitted with a lock fixed to an anchor point. Consider marking your valuables with your house number and postcode – this could also apply to garden furniture.

·         Consider using dusk to dawn lighting to illuminate your property.

·         Keep photographs and notes of valuable items and distinguishing features.

·         Have secure boundaries around your property such as strong fences and gates, defensive planting and trellis atop of fences.

·         Consider installing CCTV cameras, angled to have full view of all aspects of your property.

·         Don’t leave any of your tools outside as these can be used to gain access to your garage, shed or home. Also, secure wheelie bins as they can also be used to assist in breaking into a high window or over a wall.

·         Keep your tools in a strong and lockable steel box.

·         Ensure your insurance policy covers the items that you want it to.

If you have any information about a crime, contact the police on 101 or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.