Crime Prevention August Blog: Tips for keeping your bike safe.

A lot more journeys are being made by bicycle these days, and with the kids going back to school next week we need to consider the security of our bikes.

Bike Marking

Thieves love cycles, so don’t ever leave your bike, not even for a minute, without them being secured. As a general rule, if you’re not sat on it, secure it!

Follow these tips to help prevent you becoming a victim of bike crime:

·         Get a good bike lock, better still, get two. Ensure that the locks you buy meet the ‘Sold Secure’ Gold standard (not something from the local pound shop). You’ll find these quality locks in your local bike shops or on all of the regular bike retailers’ websites. Have a read of the various reviews. Click http://www.soldsecure.com/for more information on good quality locks.

·         Lock up removable parts (e.g. wheels, saddle) and take light fittings/cycle computers with you.

·         Have your bike frame security-marked or engraved. We regularly offer bike marking events across the force area using our Dot Peen marking equipment. It marks the frame with your postcode and house number. Keep an eye on your local neighbourhood policing page on Facebook for these events.

·         Take a photograph of your bike and record its description, including any unique marks or features. Register the frame number (normally found underneath the bike between the pedals or where the back wheel slots in) on http://www.bikeregister.com/and http://www.immobilise.com/

·         When you leave your bike, leave it where a thief could be seen by you. Make sure it is locked to something substantial when left in your garden or shed, for example, a ladder, steps or lawnmower. If there is nothing to lock it to, make sure you put your locks through the frame and a wheel to disable it. Make the locks and bike hard to manoeuvre. Consider a ground anchor, which secures to the floor or fabric of the building, which you can secure your bike to.


And finally…

Don't buy a stolen second-hand bike. Insist on proof of ownership and check the bike frame number on the Bike Checker at http://www.bikeregister.com/.

If your bike has been stolen, contact the police. Give them your frame number, BikeRegister number, photo and any other details and register your bike as stolen on BikeRegister.

Lock it or lose it!

If you have any information about a crime, contact the police on 101 or you can call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.