Brand New Series of Police Interceptors Begins Next Week

The brand new series of Police Interceptors featuring officers from Cleveland and Durham begins on Monday 14th March at 8pm on Channel 5.

Following the success of the series shown last year featuring the work of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, Raw Cut TV have been back shadowing officers once again as they police the North East for a brand new 12-part series.

The first series featuring Cleveland and Durham began airing on Channel 5 in October.

Head of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, Superintendent Mark Thornton, said: “The general public will now see the second series of Police Interceptors based in the North East and this is a great opportunity for us to showcase our officers and highlight what they are faced with on a daily basis.

“The first series of the show was generally well received by the public and we had lots of supportive messages throughout. This next series will again show the wide variety of incidents that our officers in the unit deal with including intoxicated drivers, drug seizures, collisions and firearms situations.

“The show is enjoyable for people whilst educational at the same time. Over the next twelve episodes the public will see how hard my officers work in Cleveland and Durham to keep them safe.”

The upcoming series includes two special programmes, one presented by Rick Edwards and another on the ‘Fatal Four’ factors that cause serious and fatal road traffic collisions.