Video to Warn Youngsters on the Dangers of Speaking to Unknown People on Social Media

The dangers of speaking to strangers online have been highlighted in a new video for children and young people.

Leicestershire Police produced the video about the last days of the life of Kayleigh Haywood, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who was groomed online before being raped and murdered.

The trailer to the film, which features officers from other forces, teachers and safeguarding leads in local authorities, was launched on 30th June this year.

Cleveland Police are sharing the trailer of the video in preparation for its full release later in the year.

Detective Superintendent Alastair Simpson, the head of the Protecting Vulnerable People Department, said: “As a force we work tirelessly to pursue those who use the internet to groom and exploit children and we have always been vocal about publicising steps to take to reduce the risk of a child being exploited.

“The trailer to the video is hard-hitting and a tragic example of what can happen to a child when they are groomed and exploited online. Children need to be educated on the threat of social media and the dangers of speaking to someone you have never met before.”

The following steps can reduce the risk to someone being exploited on the internet:

• Don't add anyone as a friend you don't personally know
• Don't post any information that you wouldn’t want the public to know, such as your mobile phone number
• Check your page settings to ensure your profile is kept private, and not available for the whole world to see all of your personal information
• Never agree to meet up with somebody you have only met through a websites .
•  If you feel like you are being threatened or someone is asking you to do something that you don’t want to do – tell someone or use the ‘report abuse’ button on social media sites.

Further advice for parents and children is available on the Cleveland Police website with links to partner agencies.


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