Ask Police Your Questions on Speeding

Members of the public can take the opportunity to ask police questions regarding speeding during a live web chat.

The web chat will be held during a national speeding campaign, which runs for one week from Monday 22nd August, will see officers from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit (CDSOU) carrying out additional education and enforcement activity across both force areas.

Over a three year period from January 2013 to December 2015, there were six people killed or injured every week in Cleveland and Durham where either speeding or travelling too fast for the conditions were a contributing factor.

In the twelve months until August this year, 355 drivers were found to be speeding per week, a total of 17,049 across both force areas.

CDSOU Inspector, Phil Grieve, said: “Speeding costs lives and our job is to reduce the risk of people being fatally or seriously injured on our roads, so it’s really important that we get involved in these campaigns.

“As well as educating people, which is really important in changing people’s behaviours and attitudes, we also carry out enforcement action. We will be out and about on the roads watching out for anyone committing offences and those people will be dealt with appropriately.

“The last thing that we want as officers is to have to break the news to someone that their loved one has been killed or seriously injured as a result of a collision, particularly if the collision could have been avoided.”

The web chat will take place between 2pm and 3pm on Thursday 25th August. To log into the web chat, go to the ‘Community Click’ section on the Cleveland Police website: