Redcar Cadets Club Together for Scam Victim

Redcar Police Cadets have helped a victim complete work that was never carried out by scammers who stole thousands of pounds from her.

1 The victim, a woman in her 70s was scammed out of nearly fifteen thousand pounds by suspected rogue traders.

She had handed over the money for the ‘workmen’ to transform the garden of her property in Redcar but they took the money with no work being completed.

When the Redcar Police Cadets heard about the case, they pulled a team together to help her and today, Friday 2nd November, they completed the work she initially wanted doing on her garden.

Head of Redcar Police Cadets, PC Neil Robinson, said: “I am so proud of the cadets for their hard work and dedication.

They have cut back plants and trees and tidied up the garden to make it nicer for the victim.

“As soon as the cadets were told about what had happened, they instantly wanted to do something to improve her life and her home.

"They have managed to tidy up the victim’s garden during the school holidays and using their free time which is such a lovely, selfless act.

“They have made the victim very happy and have certainly made a huge difference.”