Hundreds of Speeding Drivers Caught During Week-Long Crackdown

630 drivers were found speeding during a week-long campaign across Cleveland and Durham.

The national campaign, led by the National Police Chiefs Council, took place at the beginning of April.

Police carried out high visibility patrols and monitored roads identified by local authorities and locations of speed complaints. 20mph roads were also monitored during the crackdown. 

In addition to speeding being one of the main four factors which contribute towards serious or fatal collisions, known as the ‘fatal four', it is also one of the most prolific concerns raised by local communities, a concern that police are committed to addressing.

If appropriate, those drivers caught speeding may be offered the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course which educates drivers on the dangers of speeding.

Others may be fined £100 and receive three penalty points on their licence, whereas those exceeding the limit by a large margin may appear before the court.

Inspector Jon Curtis, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “It is disappointing that we repeatedly see high numbers of people speeding during campaigns like this, putting their lives and the lives of other road users at risk of being seriously injured or killed.

“These campaigns are carried out for a reason, to help make our roads as safe as we possibly can in order to save lives.

“We’d always like to thank those drivers who do abide by the speed limits and contribute to making our roads safer.

“Speeding is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated. We will continue with these campaigns until the message gets through to all drivers.”

Throughout the campaign three drivers were also found to have no insurance, three drivers were not wearing seatbelts and one driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol.

During the most recent campaign, roads and offences of note include:

•         In total, 103 drivers were detected driving above 40mph in 30mph areas.
•         A177 at Thorpe Thewles (a 60mph road) – drivers recorded travelling at 96mph, 90mph and 89mph.
•         Wolviston Road in Billingham (40mph road) – one driver caught travelling at 78mph.
•         Whinbank Road in Newton Aycliffe (30mph road) – one driver caught travelling at 52mph.
•         Easington village (30mph road) – one driver travelling at 55mph.
•         A177 at Thorpe Thewles – four speeding offences recorded on this road.
•         Eden Terrace in Kirk Merrington – 28 speeding offences recorded on this road.
•         West Chilton Terrace in Chilton – 12 speeding offences recorded on this road.