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Officers Tackle Misrepresented Number Plates

Officers from Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit are launching an operation targeting misrepresented number plates.

The operation will take place from Monday 22nd October to midnight on Sunday 28th October. During this time, officers will raise awareness to the driver of the law relating to displaying a misrepresented number plate.

Drivers will be stopped if their registration plate has:
• An incorrect font
• No BS mark (which shows that the plate is the correct reflective type)
• No makers information e.g. post code and name
• Incorrect letter spacing or height
• Incorrect badges displayed e.g. football badges
• Incorrect graphics on font e.g. carbon type letter
• Wrong size plates
• Plates not displayed correctly e.g. in the front or back window
• Incorrectly located screws or studs that have the appearance of changing a letter or looking like a full stop

The details of the driver or the owner of the vehicle will be taken by police and they could receive a letter informing them of the law and requiring them to change their plate, they could be issued with a fixed penalty or reported for summons.

Acting Sergeant Jason Coverdale, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “We receive a lot of complaints about misrepresented number plates from members of the public.

“The operation we are carrying out aims to educate those drivers who do have a misrepresented number plate and it aims to have these changed so that they are then acceptable within the law.”

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