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New Publication Scheme for Disciplinary Cases

Cleveland Police has announced that it intends to publicise the outcome of discipline hearings where an officer has been dismissed from the Force.

It will also publish details where an officer has been facing a disciplinary hearing for matters which could lead to their dismissal and they resign prior to or during a hearing.

The information is due to be published on the Force website from 1st April 2013 as part of regular reporting on matters of complaints and misconduct to the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Audit Panel.

T/Chief Constable of Cleveland Police Jacqui Cheer said: “It is important to recognise that most of our officers are professional and act with integrity, however there will always be a small number of individuals who do not meet the high standards of conduct the Force and public expect.

“When allegations of misconduct against officers are made, they are thoroughly investigated and then if there is a case to answer, a disciplinary meeting or hearing will be held.

“There are a number of outcomes for officers who are found to have committed misconduct, which can range from management advice to a written warning, and in the most serious cases, dismissal from the service without notice.

“It is the most serious cases in which we will publish the outcomes, as it is right that we are open and transparent with the public about the outcome of these processes.

“One of the priorities for Cleveland Police for 2013/14 is a focus on integrity, and we started this work last year by setting up an Integrity Board and implementing the recommendations of the HMIC reports.

“The publication of disciplinary outcomes forms part of that process, and I hope that the public will support us and trust us to do the right thing as we take this initiative forward.”

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