What is positive action?

Cleveland Police is determined to have a workforce that represents the communities it serves.

Positive Action is about creating a level playing field to enable people to compete on equal terms. It is about having a range of measures which aim to eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.

What Positive Action support is available?

Here at Cleveland Police, we have many positive action initiatives on going and we aim to support members of the community who are underrepresented in our force through each stage of the recruitment process. However it must be noted that final selection for all recruitment or promotion opportunities is based solely on merit.   

Our positive action support may include some of the following:

Pre-Application Support

  • Understanding the role and requirements
  • Recruitment stages and processes
  • Application Dos and Don’ts

Pre-Assessment Centre Support

  • Understanding the assessment centre exercises
  • Practice interview questions and scenarios

Pre-Final Interview Support

  • Interview techniques
  • Mock Interviews

Who are we offering positive action support to?

We strive to be representative of the communities we serve and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to join us. We are currently offering positive action support to women and those from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Get in touch

If you want to know further about our positive action support, please get in touch via  [email protected]