Steven Clark was born in Colchester, Essex on 30th August 1969, and lived near Edinburgh, Scotland when he was around the age of two. He was involved in a road accident in a town called Kirkliston in which he was seriously injured after being hit by a lorry. This childhood road accident left him with some physical disabilities of a severely damaged left arm, a damaged leg and pronounced limp. His ability to walk could be described as severely impaired.

He spent some time at a school in Kimbolten, Cambridgeshire and went to South Africa to live in the early 1980s where he went to the Muriel Brand School near Johannesburg. He came back from South Africa after 10 years and lived in Guildford in Surrey before moving to Marske in the summer of 1991.

When he moved to Marske, he did some work for Leonard Cheshire Home, which is also known as Marske Hall.

At the time of his disappearance, Steven was attending the Rathbone Society in Redcar, which worked with people with disabilities to improve their employment skills. Steven had won the Apprentice of the Year Award.

Steven left his personal belongings at home when he disappeared. His wallet, glasses, and watch. He was a sociable character, and was liked by the friends who knew him. He had lived in South Africa until he was around the age of 20, having moved there when he was younger. His life in Marske was different from the more restricted way of life overseas.