You will be trained in a structured and disciplined environment in preparation for your operational deployment as a skilled, effective officer for Cleveland Police.

From your first day, we are looking to shape your development so expect to be challenged; expect to take personal responsibility for your learning; and expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

You will experience a range of learning opportunities in both a classroom setting and operationally. This will cover aspects of legislation, investigation, communication and leadership skills which will be consolidated through hands on practical exercises.

The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) route into policing enables you to receive practical on-the-job learning alongside academic theory and knowledge while earning a wage. You will be a police officer from your first day on the job.   

You will be awarded a degree in professional policing practice on successful completion of your apprenticeship.

The PCDA typically takes three years to complete. Assessment of academic and operational competence takes place throughout the programme. The assessment is carried out in a collaborative partnership between a force and one or more learning providers such as a local university.

This is a professional degree founded on effective professional performance and academic achievement. The programme covers a breadth, depth and range of professional education for potential police constables not present in any previous constable training programme.

The PCDA covers areas that are critical to effective policing in the 21st century, such as evidence-based policing, supporting vulnerable people, dealing with cybercrime and crime prevention.