Before applying for one of our police staff roles here at Cleveland Police, please read the below declaration that you would be asked to accept upon submitting your application:

I declare that all the statements I have made in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that no relevant information has been withheld.

I must inform the recruitment office without any delay of any change in my circumstances that could have a bearing on my application.

The information provided on this form will be used for recruitment and vetting purposes.

Criminal conviction checks will be made against myself and my family members and I have informed them of this.

I consent to financial checks being made if the post that I am applying for requires me to have access to operational/confidential police systems.

A conditional offer of appointment will be subject to vetting, reference checks, qualification checks and pre - entry medical screening.

I understand that the application form forms part of my terms of employment or volunteer agreement and that any false statement or deliberate omission may disqualify me from the recruitment process or if appointed, render me liable to disciplinary action which could result in dismissal.

I understand that the Chief Constable retains the right to reject any applicant without giving reason.

I understand that the information I have provided may be stored on manual and computerised systems and will be used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

I understand that no member of the British National Party, Combat 18 or the National Front – Groups whose aims, objectives or pronouncements may contradict the duty to promote equality can join the Police service.

I have got the right to work in the UK as per the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006.

Applicants for vetting clearance should understand and consent to the process taking place. Consent is signified by the applicant completing and accepting the declaration on the vetting forms. Vetting is a pre-requisite for employment and therefore those who refuse to support the process will not be considered.