As a Special Constable working in the Cleveland area you will have the same powers as regular Police Officers.

You will be provided with a thorough training package, which covers many aspects of police work, enabling you to carryout safe and lawful accompanied patrols.

The Special Constable Learning Programme (SCLP) curriculum has been carefully structured so that professional development proceeds at an appropriate pace alongside the academic learning of the SC. Gaining operational experience on an ongoing basis enables the SC to begin gathering the evidence from their operational work that will, at the end of their training, underpin confirmation of their competence in role.

The SCLP learning is divided into five key stages.

These stages are:

  • Phase One Learning – Initial Learning phase
  • Accompanied Patrol Status (APS)
  • Directed Patrol Status (DPS)
  • Phase Two Learning
  • Qualified Special Constable (QSC)


Phase One Learning

The SC will undergo initial learning during phase one which will provide them with the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the underpinning skills, attitudes and behaviours to conduct a safe and lawful accompanied patrol. Initial learning during this phase will also include Personal Safety Training (PST).

Mindful that successful applicants are volunteers, the learning programme has been designed as a blended learning programme, consisting of:

  • Face to Face classroom delivery
  • Live delivery via a digital format
  • Self-Directed study using e-learning programmes
  • Roleplay / Field work

Successful candidates will engage in e-learning and directed reading throughout the Initial phase of learning. Successful applicants will be expected to attend classroom-based learning ready to discuss the material which they have studied independently. As well as providing material ahead of the classroom-based learning, self-directed study will continue throughout the duration of the training programme. In addition, and perhaps key to volunteers, it reduces the overall length of the training programme. It is expected successful candidates will attend all training.


Accompanied Patrol Status (APS)

On successful completion of Phase One Learning, the SC will be operating at Accompanied Patrol Status. This is the stage of professional development where the SC is exposed to the operational workplace during which time they will be required to demonstrate basic operational skills of the SC role in a safe and lawful manner. During this phase, they will be accompanied at all times by an experienced officer. The SC will be able to take the theoretical knowledge and understanding and apply it in an operational setting in the workplace.