Who are Police Support Volunteers?

People volunteer for Cleveland Police because they are interested in helping their local community, but also because they have an interest in police work, or want to find out more about policing. Volunteers come from all walks of life.

How can Volunteers Help?

The role of a volunteer is designed to enhance the work of the police and provide additional support in the area where the volunteer lives or works. Volunteers are extremely important to the force – helping us develop, engage and interact more effectively with our local communities and to help make them safer.

What type of roles could I be doing?

As a volunteer you can assist with a range of activities, from monitoring CCTV in the town centre to helping out at one of the Public Contact Points. The pressures on a modern police force are enormous and there is always more that could be done.

Volunteers assist throughout the force with a wide range of tasks, for example, calling back members of the public who ring in to report something suspicious and letting them know the result of their call. This provides reassurance and helps build public confidence in the Police. We work with you to find a role that matches your skills.

What are the personal benefits of becoming a Volunteer?

You will gain new experiences and will be assisting Police Officers, Special Constables or Police Staff members which will give you an insight into how the police service works. You will develop your skills in areas such as communication, be part of a team, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping your community and Cleveland as a whole.

What training will I receive?

Volunteers are invited to an induction course and will receive individual training specific to your role. You will be supported throughout.

What hours will I have to do?

Hours are flexible and can vary according to the role. Whilst we prefer volunteers to give a minimum of four hours a week, this is negotiable and we will seek to adapt hours to suit the individuals personal and work commitments where possible.

How old do I have to be?

You must be a minimum age of 18.

Will it cost me anything?

Although you will not be paid a salary, your volunteering role should not leave you out of pocket.

You can claim expenses for travelling to and from your place of duty.

How long does the whole application process take?

Cleveland Police Recruitment Team aim to process your application as quickly as possible, and keep you updated as appropriate. The process is complex and the time taken to complete it can vary widely.

What does the Volunteer selection process involve?

  1. Submission of an application form
  2. Informal suitability interview
  3. Vetting checks and medical checks (if applicable)

Once the application is fully complete an informal suitability interview will be arranged for you with the relevant department. The interview is informal and lasts approximately 30 minutes; this also gives you an opportunity to find out if the role you have applied for meets your needs. Should you be successful we will then undertake security checks and, where applicable, request you complete a medical questionnaire.

What happens if I have any driving or criminal convictions?

Some minor criminal records will not stop you from joining Cleveland Police as a volunteer but if you do apply, you must declare any convictions/cautions, even if it was a juvenile offence. Each application is carefully considered on its own merits and against strict Home Office guidance. All applicants are encouraged to provide supplementary information where applicable.

What security checks are conducted and will my family be similarly checked?

Local and national/international security checks are completed for all applicants. Applicants are strongly recommended to advise family members etc. that security checks will be carried out on them. However, the results of such enquiries will not be disclosed.