Please note: if you submitted a road traffic incident report on this site, you'll be able to download a copy of your report once you've submitted it. That report is a collision report. You can then send that report to your insurance company or solicitor. 

If you're a solicitor or an insurance agent, you can apply on behalf of your client for a copy of any existing collision reports the police have made or hold, or request an interview with the police officer who dealt with the road traffic collision, as long as it's been investigated.

People can also apply for collision reports if they're representing themselves in civil proceedings.

How to apply

You can apply by email or post.

Send the following information:

  • date and time of the incident
  • location
  • registration number(s)
  • as many other details as possible to help identify the relevant RTI.

By email to: [email protected]

By post to:

Accident Records
Cleveland Police Shared Service Centre
St Mark’s House
St Mark’s Court
Stockton on Tees
TS17 6QW

We aim to respond in five days.


We'll charge you based on how detailed you want the report to be. Here are three common charges:

  • £50 search fee
  • £100.70 for a copy of the basic accident report (which includes fatal accidents)
  • £432.10 for a copy of the full fatal report that includes details such as statements, sketches and plans.

We ask for the search fee to be paid with your request. If you're asking for a copy of a report (either basic or full) we'll confirm the fee with you when once we've received your application and we know if a report has been completed. 

Please make cheques payable to 'Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland' and post them to the address above.

How long does it take?

We'll let you know we've received your request within five working days.

Third party details, if we have them, can be released immediately. 

We can only release accident reports once all enquiries and any court proceedings have been completed.