Phonetic Alphabet

When police officers talk to each other on the radio, they have to make sure that the person they are talking to understands what they say. Sometimes they need to spell out words or a car number plate.

It can be difficult to hear the name of a letter over the radio, especially if the reception is bad and there is a crackling noise. To make it easier for the person listening, the police officer will use words instead of letters, because these are easier to hear and none of the words sounds alike. Instead of saying A, the officer will say ALPHA.

See if you can work out what words are used for each of the letters of the alphabet:

A = First Letter of the Greek alphabet 
B = Means well done !
C = Actor /comedian  surname Chaplin
D = A triangular area at a river mouth 
E = What happens when you shout into an empty space like a cave 
F = A ballroom dance
G = A game with long sticks and a small ball
H = Where you stay on your holidays
I = Where Slumdog Millionaire is set
J = Romeo’s girlfriend
K = 1000 grams
L = A place in Peru
M = Michael’s nickname
N = Fireworks month
O = Behind the bar in Heartbeat ?
P = Italian dad?
Q = City in Canada
R = David Beckham's son
S = An old model car – Ford ----- ?
T = Orange fizzy drink
U = Police Officers wear this
V = Another name for the winner
W = A Scottish drink
X = You might need this if you break a bone
Y = Slang name for an American
Z = African Warrior