I write in connection with your request for information dated 11th September 2019 and received by this office on that date.  Please accept or apologies for the late response, your patience3 is appreciated.  Below are the questions raised in your request, and our response.

I would like to know the following under the FOI Act. Number of employees within your organisation disciplined for computer misuse, broken down over the last 2 financial years.

FY 18-19 and FY17-18. 

As well as the stats could you please provide detail on the nature of the incident, the device and the outcome?  Example of how this might look below.


Nature of the incident

Action taken

Laptop computer

Downloading pornography

Written warning


Inappropriate use of email

Verbal warning

Desktop computer

Downloading music


a) We have made enquires with our Standards and Ethics Department and they have provided the below information

2017/18 – No cases.

2018/19 – 4

All were for making unauthorised searches on police systems however were are unable to identify what type of device was used and the outcome for all was ‘Management Action’

Please note any statistical data supplied in relation to Freedom of Information requests is a snapshot of data held at the time the request was received by the Freedom of Information office and is subject to constant change/updates.

The Cleveland Police response to your request is unique and it should be noted that Police Forces do not use generic systems or identical procedures to capture and record data therefore responses from Cleveland Police should not be used as a comparison with any other force response you receive.