I write in connection with your request for information dated 25th September 2019 and received by this office on that date.  Below are the questions raised in your request, and our response.

Total number of Cleveland Police Officers and Staff assaulted whilst on duty - please give information for the last 5 years.

Total number of NHS worker assaults reported to Cleveland Police for the same period.

Total number of Prison Service Staff assaults reported to Cleveland Police for the same period.

We have made enquiries with the PQR Performance Team and we have attached a document that contains all of the information we have been able to retrieve. This comprises of Home office codes 104 Assault without injury on a Constable and 8S Assault with injury on a constable, in the last tab it shows Assault on Emergency Workers which came into being in November 2018.  With regards to your questions 2 and 3 because of the small numbers we have looked at every record for the Assaults on Emergency workers and in the previous years under the home office code for 104/25 Assaults a designated person or his assistant in the exercise of a relevant power and we have no assaults under these home office codes for Prison Staff and for NHS we have 26 assaults recorded.

Please note any statistical data supplied in relation to Freedom of Information requests is a snapshot of data held at the time the request was received by the Freedom of Information office and is subject to constant change/updates.

The Cleveland Police response to your request is unique and it should be noted that Police Forces do not use generic systems or identical procedures to capture and record data therefore responses from Cleveland Police should not be used as a comparison with any other force response you receive.