Step 1 - Application Form

The Cleveland Police application form will be hosted on our e-recruitment system. Please ensure you complete the application form fully. It is very important that you follow the instructions and submit the form within the required timescales, please note that incomplete forms will not be accepted.

You will receive a notification regarding the outcome of your application and if you are successful you will continue in the recruitment and selection process.

It is important to note that the application form is competency based and through this we are looking for qualities you have or may develop to carry out the role.

Your answers will decide whether your application progresses to the next stage.

Please give specific examples of what you SAID or DID on a given occasion so we can see exactly how you behaved.

Remember to:

  • Read the question fully
  • Take your time
  • Avoid jargon. Abbreviations
  • Be honest
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Proof read all

Step 2 - Written exercise

You will be required to complete a Written Exercise designed to assess your decision making skills.  This exercise will be undertaken under test conditions within a specified timescale.  If successful at this stage you will move to the Final Interview Stage.

Step 3 - Final interview and presentation

The final interview will also include a presentation topic.  Candidates will be provided with the presentation topic prior to the interview process so that this element can be prepared in advance.  The interview questions will be based on the Competency and Values Framework.

Step 4 - Pre employment checks

If you pass the assessment centre you will be put forward for the following checks:

  • Biometrics - this will involve taking fingerprints and a DNA sample and checks made against the appropriate databases. If you are successfully appointed, your DNA profiles and fingerprints will be held on the Police Elimination Database. If you are not appointed, all copies and records will be destroyed. If you refuse to give a sample we will not be able to proceed with your application.
  • Medical & Eyesight Checks - we will ask to you complete a medical questionnaire and attend a health assessment by our occupational health team.
  • Security vetting and Financial Checks - all candidates will be subject to our vetting procedures and financial checks.
  • Drug Test - we also require you to undertake drug screening; this will take the form of a hair sample.
  • Fitness Test - You will be asked to run to and fro along a 15 metre distance in time with a series of bleeps (known as 'The Bleep Test') and achieve level 5.4. The timing between bleeps is slow at first but the bleep becomes faster as the test progresses.

Step 5 - Formal Offer and Training

Once you have successfully completed all of the pre-employment checks, you will be allocated a place on a training course and provided with your formal offer.